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Safety Matters – Flying Wonderland

TSSA is exploring the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as UAVs) for inspections.  UAVs can easily access the tight spaces and dizzying heights typical of an

Special Buildings Inspection Program Pilot to Continue

As part of its broad responsibilities, TSSA’s Fuels Safety team launched a pilot inspection program of retirement and long-term care homes to assess safety risks associated with fuel-burning equipment such

Director’s Update, John Marshall, Fuels Safety Program

In this episode of Safety Matters, TSSA’s Director of Fuels Safety John Marshall joins host Greg Kerr to talk about new developments and current issues in the fuels sector. Interview

Gas Station & Marina Safety

TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program regulates the safe transport, storage, handling and use of fuels, such as natural gas, propane, fuel oil, gasoline, and diesel. Our primary objective is to ensure

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A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors

Your opinion please… The Ministry of Consumer Services (MCS) is looking for feedback on a proposal for legislation that would establish mandatory qualifications for home inspectors.