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Safety Matters – International CO Risk Assessment & Management Conference

TSSA’s Public Safety Risk Management (PSRM) team recently met with government and regulatory partners as well as public health agencies and non-profits from Europe, USA and Canada for an engaging

TSSA to Host First International Conference on Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment & Management in November

TSSA’s focus on tackling carbon monoxide (CO) has manifested itself in a wide variety of initiatives over the years, and this November, will include hosting the first International Conference on Carbon Monoxide

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Summer Carbon Monoxide Safety Videos

Promoting carbon monoxide (CO) safety awareness is a year-round undertaking for TSSA. Summer brings with it a host of possibilities for CO poisoning. Fuel-fired appliances like camp stoves, coolers and

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Dave Lisle Receives OFM Award for Excellence in Fire Safety

Dave Lisle, TSSA’s Director of Research and Education received the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Award for Excellence in Fire Safety at a ceremony June 19 in Toronto. The annual Fire Marshal’s Public

Getting the message out about CO safety

TSSA’s carbon monoxide (CO) safety campaigns have reached over 750,000 Ontario households to date. Our CO campaigns are multifaceted and so are the tools we use to get the message