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Director’s Update – Mike Adams, BPV/OE Safety Program

In this episode of Safety Matters, TSSA’s Director of Boilers and Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers Mike Adams joins host Greg Kerr to talk about new developments and current issues in

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Introducing TSSA’s New OE Chief Officer

Mike Adams, TSSA’s Statutory Director for both the Boiler and Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers Safety Programs, (BPV/OE), has been appointed TSSA’s OE Chief Officer.

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TSSA Operating Engineers Chief Officer Retires

After nearly two decades of dedicated service with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), John W. B. Coulter, Manager and Chief Officer of TSSA’s Operating Engineers Safety Program, retired

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Institute of Power Engineers – Ontario Chiefs’ Conference 2014

An event of their own! In response to feedback received at last year’s National Institute of Power Engineers (IPE) convention, the IPE Ontario Chiefs’ Conference – a two-day event focused