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Director’s Update, John Marshall, Fuels Safety Program

In this episode of Safety Matters, TSSA’s Director of Fuels Safety John Marshall joins host Greg Kerr to talk about new developments and current issues in the fuels sector.

Can I Use My Portable Propane BBQ for Public Events?

If the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) manual says “Not for Commercial Use”, the answer is no. If there is no indication in the OEM manual related to the type of use for

BBQ Safety Tips – Using Social Media to Get Our Message Out

Public education is an important component of TSSA’s public safety mandate, particularly in the Fuels and Elevating Devices program areas. (Think carbon monoxide and propane safety in the former; elevators,

Certification Requirements for BBQ Assemblers

UPDATE… In 2015, Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services  introduced amendments to the regulatory requirement that retail employees assembling propane and natural gas BBQs and other outdoor fuel appliances