Safety Matters – TSSA’s Third-Party Ombudsman Service

In this episode of Safety Matters, TSSA’s Ombudsman Sandra Cooke joins host Greg Kerr to talk about the success of the Ombudsman’s Office, TSSA’s whistleblower procedures, the next phase of communicating complaints and/or concerns, and best practices in confidential disclosures of wrongdoing.

Interview Highlights:

  • The sole purpose of TSSA’s ombudsman role;
  • How confidentiality is maintained;
  • Reception of TSSA’s Ombudsman service;
  • The difference between ‘whistleblowing’ and ‘complaints/concerns’.
  • New developments/best practices;
  • Details of a third-party ombudsman services; and
  • A walkthrough of the ombudsman portal to assist in 24/7 confidential service.


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