New Excavation Guidelines

New Excavation Guidelines

TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program recently adopted the new CSA Z247 Code for damage prevention to underground infrastructure – effective April 1, 2017. To align with this standard, TSSA is updating the current Excavation Guideline, which is under final review by stakeholders, including the Electrical Safety Authority. Highlights include:

  • updating definitions to align with CSA Z247, TSSA, ESA and Ontario One Call regulations;
  • accepting electronic locates as well as paper; and
  • adding CSA Z247 hyperlinks to guide the user.

Stay tuned for the updated TSSA/ESA Excavation Guideline.


  1. Liza
    May 14, 10:32 Reply
    This is a most useful contribution to the debate
  2. Sean
    July 25, 14:33 Reply
    Does The CSA Z247 standard allow for Alternate Locate Agreements?
    • tssablog
      September 08, 12:49 Reply
      Hi Sean, I'm not sure what you mean by "alternate locate agreements". Typically the locating companies are already designated. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center at should you require more detailed information.

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