Ask TSSA: Improving Fuel Contractor Audits

In this edition of Ask TSSA, Mark Westen, TSSA Fuels Inspector and Training/Certification Advisor, provides a few quick answers in this short clip.

TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program conducts contractor audits to reinforce provincial standards, which all fuel professionals must know and follow, as per the safety laws in Ontario. The audit provides assurance that you are performing your work in a compliant, skillful and thorough manner. It also confirms that you, your employees and sub-contractors have obtained all required licenses, certificates and registrations.

Thanks to helpful feedback from contractors, TSSA is enhancing the process with three distinct improvements: proportional auditing; regulatory attestations; and the creation of a TSSA Audit Administrator. The intent is to focus on TSSA inspection of contractor work-in-the-field, and enhance safety by providing better oversight of compliance.

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  1. Y Aube
    April 03, 15:40 Reply
    Just wondering why the Chimney Sweeps get audited so often, almost annually!!, when all we are doing is respecting your Registration for when we do the odd sweeping and blockage removals on gas and propane or oil fuelled chimneys. Also, Chimney Sweeps get called all the time by Natural Gas installers to put in liners for units. The NG contractor will NOT install liners and when they do they have no idea on how to size the liner for the units. So why the onus on the Chimney Sweep??
    • tssablog
      September 07, 09:48 Reply
      The audit is part and parcel of the registration. Currently, the audit process is being reviewed for this vary reason. Please check back with TSSA in January 2018 for updates on the new process.

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