Fuels Director’s Safety Order – OPW 241/36S Swivels

Fuels Director’s Safety Order – OPW 241/36S Swivels

TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program has investigated  incidents where the OPW 241 TPS swivel, a fuel pump device that provides rotation for easy nozzle positioning, has failed.

Additional reports have come in from major oil companies that have experienced between 17 and 20 failures of the 241 TPS swivel in their fuel network. In some cases, the failure was catastrophic; the swivel separated at the joint while the hose was in use. This resulted in a spill of gasoline and the customer being sprayed.

Model small The OPW Manufacturer indicates that they had changed the retaining rod material for both the 241 TPS and the 36S swivels in 2013; it appears that this change has adversely affected the tensile strength of the retaining rod.

While there have been no apparent failures of the 36S swivel, TSSA is requiring that all 241 TPS and 36S swivels manufactured between January 1, 2013 and March 2017 be removed from use.

Model 241C Model 241C-2 Model 241C-big

TSSA’s Director’s Safety Order – OPW 241/36S Swivels

All of the OPW 241 TPS and 36S swivels bearing manufacture dates between January 1, 2013 and March 2017, shall:

  • be removed from service by April; 13, 2017;
  • not be installed or reused;
  • not be offered for use, sale, lease, rent or installation.


Any person involved in an activity, process or procedure to which this document applies shall comply with this document.

This order is effective immediately.

Link to Director’s Order



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