Safety Matters – Lowering the Heat in the Kitchen

Safety Matters – Lowering the Heat in the Kitchen

TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program recently attended a popular conference for the food service industry at the Restaurants Canada Show – from Feb 26-28, 2017 – to promote important fuel safety matters, TSSA’s work behind public safety and the role that commercial establishments play.

In this edition of TSSA Safety Matters, TSSA’s Deb Goslin, Fuels Inspector, and Nina Nasiri, Fuels Engineer, join host Greg Kerr to talk about this unique trade show, TSSA’s broader communication with restaurant owners and operators, and known risks associated with the maintenance of fuel-fired appliances.

To further promote safety, TSSA also created an information pamphlet, entitled ‘Lowering the Heat in the Kitchen’, to highlight known risks, how to protect yourself with the right equipment and the right technician, and TSSA’s partnerships in this important awareness campaign.

TSSA Lowering Heat in the Kitchen


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