Feedback on BPV Code Adoption

Feedback on BPV Code Adoption

Codes and regulations are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect both advances in technology and identified risks to protect the user, the environment and the public. TSSA adopts national codes from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and may make amendments that pertain to Ontario and its high standards for safety, aptly named a Code Adoption Document (CAD).

With that in mind, TSSA recently developed a CAD Amendment for Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPV), seeking to adopt new CSA Codes with amendments that incorporate changes suggested by Ontario’s technical and safety stakeholders.

This proposal has been posted for a 30-day public review and comment from February 14th to March 28th, 2017 and TSSA needs your input.

Please review the proposal below and submit your comments using the TSSA Boilers and Pressure Vessels Docket form.


Once completed, please send your responses via email, mail or fax to:

Cathy Turylo, Manager, Boilers and Pressure Vessels Safety Program
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
345 Carlingview Drive
Toronto ON M9W 6N9
phone:(416) 734-3440
fax:(416) 231-1626

All comments received prior to March 28, 2017 will be considered as part of TSSA’s decision-making process.


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