TSSA to Host First International Conference on Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment & Management in November

TSSA to Host First International Conference on Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment & Management in November

TSSA’s focus on tackling carbon monoxide (CO) has manifested itself in a wide variety of initiatives over the years, and this November, will include hosting the first International Conference on Carbon Monoxide Risk Management in Toronto.

With CO-related incidents at private homes continuing to be the single largest source of risk across all TSSA-regulated sectors, we continue to consider CO an urgent public health issue.

Carbon monoxide alarm

We remain committed to reducing this source of risk by applying a variety of strategies including regulatory initiatives, technological solutions, public education, stakeholder partnerships and enforcement strategies.

It is becoming clear that the issue will require a much broader partnership of stakeholders and exploration of innovative approaches to effectively manage.

As part of a renewed carbon monoxide risk mitigation strategy, we have begun establishing partnerships with public health agencies, industry, regulators and non-profit groups at provincial, national and global levels to share a common understanding to addressing an emerging global public health issue.

To date, an international collaborative network made up of partners from USA, England, France and Italy has been formed and met at an international summit organized by the US Centre of Disease Control in January 2016 with the following objectives:

  • identify and establish means for sharing global data on mortality and injury rates associated with CO;
  • identify common standards for analysis of risk factors and causal information associated with CO exposures; and,
  • share best practices on intervention methods used to manage and reduce public health burden associated with CO poisonings.

November’s conference will feature presenters and participants from around the world – experts in the fields of public health and public safety, regulators, industry, academia and others involved in CO risk assessment and management.

Interested in participating in the global conversation about CO?

There is no charge to attend this conference. Register here.


Chelsea Hotel is offering special conference rates for bookings made by October 13 under group name Technical Standards & Safety Authority.

Questions? Please send us an email.





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