Renewal Requirements for ICE Fuels Industry Certificate Holders Changing January 1, 2017

Renewal Requirements for ICE Fuels Industry Certificate Holders Changing January 1, 2017

If you hold an Internal Combustion Alternate Fuel Technician (ICE) Fuels Industry certificate, we want to let you know about upcoming changes to the renewal requirements that will come into effect January 1, 2017.

ICE Certificates Expiring on or After January 1, 2017

TSSA sends renewal invoices 60 days prior to certificate expiry date. Currently, renewal involves providing TSSA with your renewal invoice remittance.

If your certificate expires on or after January 1, 2017, you’ll  also have to submit proof that you are:

Certification Matters!

Performing the duties of an ICE certificate holder without a valid certificate in hand is an offense under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, making it critical that you submit both your valid OCOT certificate and renewal remittance before your current certificate expires to avoid being without a valid ICE.

For more information about:


What do I need to do to renew my ICE, ICE-NG or ICE-P certificate of qualification?

You must provide us with the following two items:

∗Proof of your valid OCOT certificate (Journeypersons Class). Please make sure it clearly identifies you, your membership number and trade information.

∗Invoice renewal remittance

When can I expect to receive my renewal invoice?

Your renewal invoice will be sent to you 60 days prior to your certificate expiry date.

Why does TSSA require proof of membership at this time?

Ontario Regulation 215/01 has always required TSSA to collect and validate the applicable OCOT trade qualifications when issuing or renewing ICE, ICE-NG, or ICE-P certificates.

Why does TSSA require College membership in one of the five trades listed and not others (e.g. Motorcycle or Small Engine Technician)?

The five trades listed are defined in the regulation because of their relation to the specific scope of work performed by ICE certificate holder as set out in O. Reg. 215/01 27. (1).

When should I provide proof of my OCOT certification to TSSA?

Please send it after you’ve received your renewal notice. TSSA will validate certificates received with OCOT.

How should I provide proof of my OCOT certification to TSSA?

You can send a legible copy (PDF or JPEG) of your OCOT certificate to
Please be sure to include your TSSA certificate/invoice number (or a copy of same) in your email.

My ICE, ICE-NG or ICE-P certificate has expired. Am I still able to renew it?

Yes. You have 12 months from date of expiry to renew your certificate

It’s been over 12 months since my ICE, ICE-NG or ICE-P certificate expired. What are my options?

My OCOT certification is no longer valid. Will I be able to renew my ICE, ICE-NG or ICE-P certificate after January 1, 2017?

The Director will permit renewal under the following conditions:

• You hold valid membership in the OCOT Apprentice Class and are actively pursuing an OCOT certificate in one of the five required classifications.
• You provide proof of OCOT membership by submitting a copy of your valid OCOT certificate (Apprentice Class) to TSSA.
• You complete all requirements for OCOT Journeyperson certification and obtain one of the five prerequisite classifications.

Proof of valid OCOT certification to must be provided to TSSA by December 31, 2021. Failure to obtain the prerequisite OCOT certificate by December 31, 2021 will result in the revocation of your ICE, ICE-NG or ICE-P certificate.



  1. Dan Banks
    May 09, 14:09 Reply
    Does this certificate apply to only over the road vehicles??
    • tssablog
      June 01, 18:10 Reply
      An ICE certificate is required to work on any engine that operates on propane or natural gas in any moveable thing with wheels, for example, forklift, car, truck or motorhome. Ontario Regulation 215/01 spells it out here: ICE certificate. 27. (1) A person who is the holder of an ICE certificate may install, purge, inspect, activate, repair, service and remove propane and gas fueling equipment and systems on industrial vehicles and stationary engines mounted on vehicles and on motor vehicles within the meaning of the Highway Traffic Act. O. Reg. 215/01, s. 27 (1); O. Reg. 256/07, s. 6.
  2. Terry
    October 13, 01:04 Reply
    If I currently have a ICE-IE licence from TSSA, but I don't have a PLTT (Powered Lift Truck Technician) certification from OCOT, but i still have a certification from the MTCU, 1. Will this old certification, allow me to renew my TSSA ICE-IC Licence? If I work in the field as a PLT Technician with no Certification from OCOT or MTCU. 2. Can I apply for a TSSA ICE-IE Licence?
    • tssablog
      March 17, 10:31 Reply
      Hi Terry, In order to successfully a renew an ICE-IE qualification, as defined in Ontario Regulation 215/01, section 28(1), the submission of the renewal remittance is the requirement at this time. It is not a requirement, for the renewal of an ICE-IE qualification, that you hold an additional qualification issued by another organization. To obtain an ICE-IE qualification, the requirements are established in the Gas and Oil Burner Technician Policies and Procedures, available at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>, and formally established in Ontario Regulation 215/01. For more detailed information, please contact our Training and Certification department at 1-877-682-8772 or by email at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>.
  3. Domingos Alcino Lima
    June 05, 14:21 Reply
    Hi My name is Domingos Lima.. I paid paid my certificate renewal #000258857 TWO MONTH AGO, and i didn't receive my new certificate,and the proof of the valid paid. Please send me my information about what is going on. Sincerely: Domingos Lima
    • tssablog
      June 12, 07:40 Reply
      Hi Domingos, Please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-877-682-8772 to speak with one of our representatives regarding your certificate renewal.

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