Multi-Agency Effort Shuts Down Manufacturer/Distributor of Unapproved Industrial Gas Ovens

Forged rating plateBased on a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) investigation, Toronto Police and TSSA Fuels Safety inspectors executed a search warrant earlier this week against Kitchen Queen, a Toronto-based manufacturer of fuel-fired kitchen equipment alleged to have manufactured and distributed unapproved equipment and forged CSA rating plates.

Standards to certify and approve equipment and codes for proper installation are fundamental to our safety system.

The owner of Kitchen Queen, Gautam Mashetty, was arrested and charged with manufacturing and selling the unapproved industrial gas ovens and using counterfeit safety certificates.

The public safety risk is potentially national in scope, given that Kitchen Queen is one of the largest manufacturer/distributors of Tandoori gas ovens in Canada. TSSA is working with Health Canada to discuss issuing a nation-wide product recall.

If you’ve got questions about this equipment or its installation, please contact TSSA’s Fuels Technical Services team at 416-734-2726 or email

CSA Group Warns of Tandoori Ovens Bearing Unauthorized CSA Certification Mark

TPS News – Safety Certification Counterfeited

Watch Toronto Police Service Media Conference

What does the CSA mark mean?

The CSA mark indicates that a product has been tested against and has met the requirements for safety, performance and/or energy efficiency for the U.S. and/or Canada. These requirements are based on nationally recognized Canadian and/or U.S. standards as well as any other recognized documents that are used as a basis for certification.

Only when a product has been certified to an applicable standard is it entitled to bear the appropriate CSA mark. CSA marks may appear on product packaging or be located on the product itself, depending on the individual requirements of each applicable standard.

For consumers, the mark can help provide increased assurance of quality and safety. For manufacturers, the international recognition of the CSA mark can help you enter into foreign markets.  



  1. Trevor
    December 24, 20:48 Reply
    Nice to see someone like this being stopped. Equipment like this being shut down. Safety must remain the top priority in gas fired equipment here in Ontario. Our safety regulations and requirements are some of the highest in North America. businesses like these need to be shut down. My eyes are open for these dangerous ovens
  2. Trevor
    December 24, 21:03 Reply
    Nice to see TSSA , CSA and local authorities working together to eliminate this safety hazard. Our codes must be followed to ensure everyone's safety here in Ontario and across Canada. Great to see TSSA taking action.
  3. Dan Banks
    January 05, 11:09 Reply
    I would hope that the owners are not financially resposible for the equipment replacement and the suppliers are held fully accountable as far as the replacement costs.

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